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Choosing us you know you will have the best care in Brevard. We are dedicated to ensuring your loved ones will get the best quality care. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether  you need short term care or long term care  we are here for you.  We want your loved ones to feel they are able to live in their homes free of worry.  We can offer that to all the families and to their loved ones. We will take care of all your families needs. Weather it's shopping or Dr. Appointments.)  Maybe they just want some one around to talk to, eat dinner with) Do laundry, pickup around the house, go the movies, we will be there for your loved ones. Some family and friends conditions may affect daily living so we want to help make life easier for both the families and clients. We offer care to all ages for all ages may need some loving help. We have (H.H.A) Home health aids.  (C.N.A) Certified nursing Assistants that are screened and credentials are checked, background checks are also given to all that work on our team. We also check referrals and physical health.  We are committed to giving you the best care.

We offer Alzheimer's Care, Fall Prevention Care, Heart Disease Care, Hospice Care, Hospital Sitter Care,  Recovery Accident or Surgery. N & A ARE HERE TO HELP!

Hourly Home Care

Hourly care is provided. If your loved ones have appoinments or just need errands ran we can do it. We also offer bathing and dressing. Assisting with any needs.

24 Hour Care

If your loved one needs 24 hour care we are more then happy to assist you with this. Our team work all hours.

Hospital to Home Care

We offer in hospital care or any rehab centers, nursing homes. Any recovery care is also available. We want your loved ones to feel safe at all times. Are team will be happy to sit and keep your loved one safe and comfortable.

Specialized Care

We offer  Senior Home Care, Accident or Surgery Recovery, Stroke Recovery, Special Needs, Hospice Care, Alzheimers Care,  In home Care, Hospital Sitter Care, Fall Prevention Care, Heart Disease Care , Parkinson's Care

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

Having Alzheimer's and Dementia is  challenging and will require special help from some one who has the experience. This is a very hard time in ones life.  Some one with Alzheimer's needs one on one time to stimulate the mind.  We offer  professional care for this. 

Parkinson’s Care

Your loved one may need assistance to stay independent  and to stay healthy and to learn to get through every day challenges.  Having certified help will make everyone feel much better and worry free.

Hospital Sitter Care

We know how it is going to the hospital alone. It can be very scary. We also understand that not everyone can take the time and sit in the hospital with loved ones so that's why we do this. We want your loved ones to feel safe and to understand everything that is going on around them the best way  they can. We offer this postion because we know how time consuming it is to sit in a hospital. We want to be there for your loved ones no matter the environment. We will wait all day as long as your loved one is safe and comfortable where they are. .  

Special Needs Care

We offer special needs care also. We understand you may just need a brake or maybe you just need us to run some errands for you or you just need some help in your home. We will help you.

Recovery Accident or Surgery

If your loved one is discharged from the rehab center or the hospital we are able to come to where ever your loved one will be. We will help through the whole recovery. We want your loved one to get better as soon as possible.

Hospice Care

We will be by your loved ones side to make sure they are comfortable and feel loved during this time. We want your loved one to know they have the best care and want them to know some one is always by there side . This is a very hard time for both the clients and for the families. We want to be there for you through the whole process.

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